How to be an adult?

A few days ago when I was on my way home from university with a friend, we got to discussing adult life and when do you know if you’re an adult. We had a good laugh about it and came to some minor conclusions.

It provoked me to reflect back to when I was younger, when life was a little easier and I could be oblivious to the stresses of the world. When I was twelve years old I couldn’t wait to be a ‘grown up’, I was always eager to be an adult, to be one of the ones that could do what I wanted and when I wanted. I always assumed that being an adult meant that you had a job, earned your own money, drove a fancy car, got married and had little lookalike babies…..

Oh boy was I wrong. I am now 23 and yes I do have a job, I am earning money and I drive a car (it’s nowhere near fancy) but can I really refer to myself as an adult? I still remain in education studying for my MSc, I don’t have any plans to get married anytime soon, I am not currently paying a mortgage and I am pretty certain there aren’t any mini me’s running around! So then what the hell is an adult?

How do we define the term ‘adult’? As I think about it now, I begin to realise that there isn’t a right or wrong way to be an adult, it is just simply taking a path that you feel works for you, it is about making those mistakes (maybe more than once), dating the wrong guy or girl, and then maybe dating them again because why not!  Make the mistake where you impulsively buy a car that turns out to be a pile of crap, or planning to be the gym freak that everyone admires but then you realise you love chips way too much for that….

So do I do what I want whenever I want? Do I fuck, firstly how the hell can I juggle a part-time job, a MSc degree as well as just gallivanting around doing whatever the fuck I want to and secondly why would I want to even consider that? Do I want to go travelling? Yes, can I pick up my bags and just do it? Of course not are you crazy. So what I am getting at here is, being an adult is making mistakes but learning from them, it is about being sensible in the risks you choose to take (but do take those risks!), it is going out on an all night bender and feeling the severe shakes and thirst the whole day after.

Being an adult means to be whatever you choose to be, the person YOU want to be and not who you feel PUSHED to be.

Basically, just do you.  x o x


Life after University | Is it different?

I spent three years of my young adult life in lecture halls, the cafeteria, the university library and in front of my laptop adhering to essay deadlines. It was some of the best years of my life, learning and researching about the wondrous world of psychology. I created friendships to last, experienced mini breakdowns, partied until the early hours of the morning and arrived late to class once or twice due to merciless hangovers. I don’t believe there is a single thing I’d change about the time I spent at university and the experiences I had with some of the loveliest strangers and now long-term friends.

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Interview | Charlie Feist

A few months ago I was contacted by a London-based vegan backpack brand about the launch of their products. Not long after, they were back in touch and proposed that I interview them on the brand.

Q.1: Tell me a little bit about the brand Charlie Feist? 

“We are team of two full-time staff and with 3 part-time members not counting the fulfillment team at the warehouse. I manage social media marketing for the brand while the founder of the brand; Subal looks after the design and production end of things.”

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